Learn How To Type Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

According to Wikipedia, the Rupee symbol was launched back in 15 July 2010 by the Government of India (Source – Wikipedia) and since then it has been used everywhere. From cheques to notebooks and now even in Microsoft softwares like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, etc. But, there are people who wonder – How to type the rupee symbol in Microsoft word or Microsoft excel? Today, we are here to explain that and show you with the help of screenshots on how can it be done easily.

The Microsoft introduced the Rupee symbol ₹ in their Microsoft Office update version of Office 2010 and then it came included in the newer version as well. Everyone in India (and sometimes outside India) needs to use this symbol for sure that we came up with an easy tutorial on how can it be done easily.

Here is the update to get the Rupee symbol in the Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint – UPDATE HERE. Update now if you haven’t done it already.

Below are some of the easiest ways in which you can include the Rupee symbol in your Microsoft Word documents very easily:

  • Using shortcut code to write the Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word:

Use the keyboard shortcut code >>> Press Alt with type 8377 (Alt+8377)

Image result for rupee symbol png


  • Using unicode to type the Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word:

U+20B9 is The Unicode of Indian Rupee symbol. Type 20B9 code and press Alt key with X (Alt+x) where you want to add Rupee symbol in the word file.


  • Using INSERT Symbol

    • Open MS Word
    • Click the INSERT tab (menu)
    • Under Symbols section, click the Symbol dropdown
    • Click More Symbols
    • The following screen will be displayed:
    • Click the Subset dropdown and select Currency Symbols
    • Select the rupee symbol and click Insert
    • The rupee symbol will be insert in the Word document.
  • Typing the New Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word Using Character Map

To type using the CharMap, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Press Window Key +R to open the Run Command Prompt
  2. Enter Charmap command and Hit Enter
  3. A Window would open with a plethora of characters and symbols
  4. Click on Advanced View Button
  5. Enter 20B9 in the “Go to Unicode Option”
  6. You will immediately get the INR Symbol.
  7. Click on Select and then Copy
  8. You can now copy the symbol wherever required in MS Word.

I hope you guys liked this guide to on how to use the Rupee symbol in word documents. If you’d like to check even more Tricks, head to our Tips and Tricks section.

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