File IT Returns Easily With ClearTax and Avoid Late Filing Fees of Rs. 5000

Do you also wonder this every year – How to file taxes? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to make your online tax filing very easy. Income Tax India has a lot of rules and not everyone can remember and master them.

Everyone during the IT returns look for CA for Tax Refunds or get in touch with various financial institutions who can help them in filing income tax returns! The solution we are going to give you today is free income tax filing. No need to know and look for all the Income Tax related rules, no need to search for Income Tax Forms, and no need to worry at all.

File Your Income Tax Returns Easily:

The site which could help us all is – ClearTax

E-File your tax return with ClearTax. It’s Easy, Quick & FREE

ClearTax is India’s most trusted income tax e-filing website which is used by over 2.5 million Indians.

See how it works:

Why ClearTax ?

Claim Deductions

If you’ve missed submitting rent receipts or forgot to claim Section 80C deductions at your company, you can claim those deductions on ClearTax and e-file.

Save more taxes

ClearTax gives you all the tax deductions you are eligible for automatically.

Efile in minutes

Our Form 16 upload feature, automatic selection of the correct income tax return form will save you from all the headache figuring out.

Efile for your family

You can file up to three tax returns for free from a single account. E-file income tax returns for your family and have everyone’s record in one place.

Efile any type of tax return

Business owner or F&O trader with a loss or just plain salaried? Carry forward loss, prepare a balance sheet or file an ITR-5 for your trust on ClearTax.

Track income tax refund

Getting a refund this year? Check your income tax refund status right here on ClearTax.

No Data entry

Upload your Form-16 PDF. Import your Form 26-AS. ClearTax reads this automatically and fills your tax return.

All tax forms covered

ClearTax automatically selects the correct ITR while you fill your info.
We support ITR-1, 2A, 2, 3, 4S, 4, 5 and 6.

Excellent Support

Find an answer to any tax problems. ClearTax has 1000s of tax guides, videos, experts who answer your queries all day long.

Why ClearTax for Income tax filing?

  • It’s Quick, Easy & FREE
  • File tax return with or without Form-16
  • Switched jobs? You can upload multiple Form 16
  • Trusted by 2.5 million Indians to file taxes
  • Data is safe & secure – 128 Bit bank grade SSL

Why do you need to file your Income Tax returns?

  • Avoid paying late filing fee of Rs 5000 as per new govt rules
  • Carry forward losses to set off against business loss or capital gains
  • Claim Tax refund; earlier your file, sooner you get the refund
  • Credible financial document for Visa & Loan processing

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to ClearTax and file your income tax returns for FREE!

File Your Income Tax Returns For Free Here


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