American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card – The Complete Honest Review

In my opinion, the best AMEX card in INDIA is:

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card.

I am using 4 credit cards to maximise my savings. YES! You can definitely maximise your savings using credit cards.

The Card that I use the most is the American Express one! It has a great points redemption system.

It’s been almost one and a half year that I have been using it and have redeemed 24000 points TWICE which lets you get credit of Rs. 10,000 (twice) for FREE!

Following are some of the benefits of American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card:

  1. You can earn 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points for simply using your Card 4 times on transactions of Rs. 1,000 and above every month.
  2. Every Rs.50 spent on the card will bring you 1 membership rewards point.
  3. The card allows you to convert your total spends or big-ticket purchases of Rs.5,000 and above into easy monthly instalments with the American Express EMI facility.
  4. Redeem your Points from the fabulous 18 and 24 Karat Gold Collection:
    1. 18,000 Points / 18 Karat Gold Collection:
      • Statement Credit worth Rs. 7,500
      • Amazon Gift Card worth Rs. 8,000
      • Tanishq Voucher worth Rs. 7,500
    1. 24,000 Points / 24 Karat Gold Collection: (I Prefer This The Most)
      • American Express Domestic Travel Online voucher worth Rs. 11,000
      • Bose Sound Link Color II Bluetooth Speaker
      • Statement Credit worth Rs. 10,000

Why Go For The Card?

Bonus Reward Points:

The card offers you up to 20,000 or more bonus reward points every year. Within the first 60 days of joining, you earn 4,000 bonus points. Then you earn 1,000 bonus points for simply using your card 4 times on transactions of ₹1,000 and above every month. You also earn 5,0000 bonus points on renewing the card membership. 

Rewards Program:

The card rewards 1 point for every ₹50 spent on it. This is one of the highest in the market since most card companies provide 1 points for every ₹100 or ₹150 spent. 

Redemption Options:

American Express is a treat in the number of redemption options that it provides its customers. What’s more is that you can use your points to pay at certain merchants for shopping and dining directly.

24,000 points redemption options include:

MakeMyTrip Holiday Voucher

-Good Earth Gift Card worth ₹13,000

-Statement credit worth ₹10,000

18,000 points redemption options include:

-WelcomHeritage Luxury Stay

-Bose Soundlink speakers

-Statement Credit worth ₹7,500

One of the highest point to INR conversion rates in the market:

Even if you convert your points to rupees, you enjoy one of the highest conversion rates. While most cards offer a conversion rate of 25 paise per point, with this card you could enjoy a conversion rate as high as 42 paise. This way you can gain a lot more cash by redeeming your collected points. 

Dining benefits:

You can enjoy up to 20% off every time you dine at select restaurant partners. The list of restaurants is extensive and covers major cities across the globe.

Privileges on Travelling:

For all the globetrotters this card can offer amazing travel benefits, especially if you book through MakeMyTrip. Say, for a domestic flight, you can save up to ₹500 on a round trip easily. For international flights, the cashback can be as high as ₹6000. For hotel bookings, the exclusive discounts can be as high as 70%.

Easy EMIs:

Without any hassle, you can convert your bigger spends to easy EMIs. So you no longer have to limit your dreams and you can make bigger purchases and spends easily.

Zero Lost Card Liability:

If you ever lose your card, you do not have to worry about paying for any fraudulent transactions. Just report your card missing and you no longer have to worry about it. Also, an emergency replacement for your lost card would be readily available.

Excellent Customer Service:

American Express provides 24*7 support facility to its members if they have some queries related to the card. This goes a long way to enhance the experience of the users.

Here are some of my transactions from June, 2019 month: (ALSO the REDEMPTIONS 😀 )


The best part is that they keep on coming up with some or the other offers. For instance, below are some:



I have successfully been able to enroll in all the offers and got all the benefits. Below is the screenshot which shows bonus 5,000 points for my insurance spend:

If you are looking to get one card for yourself, I’d suggest you to please check your eligibility HERE and get the benefit of AMEX card.


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  • Great offers on the Amex card India. I applied and got approved yesterday only. Thanks a lot.

    Gagan November 24, 2019 5:56 pm Reply

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