Amazon Quiz Answers Today – 18 September 2019 – Win Samsung Galaxy M30

Amazon Quiz Answers for 18 September 2019

Today we are back with Amazon Quiz Answers 18 September 2019. Play Today’s Amazon Quiz and get a chance to Win Samsung Galaxy M30.

Below are the Amazon 18 September Quiz Answers:

Amazon Today’s Quiz Details:

Today’s Quiz Amazon 18 September Quiz
Today’s Prize Win Samsung Galaxy M30
Time 8 AM to 12 PM
Winners List Will Be Declared On 30 October 2019

Amazon 18 September Quiz Answers – Today’s Amazon Quiz – Win Samsung Galaxy M30.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today - 18 September 2019 - Win Samsung Galaxy M30

Question 1 – ‘Man, Woman And Child’ Is A Novel By Erich Segal. The Bollywood Adaptation, Released In The 80s, Was A Remake Of The Malayalam Film Olangal Which Was Based On The Novel. What Was The Name Of This Movie?

Answer – Masoom

Question 2 – Which British Theoretical Physicist And Author Who Died In 2018 Said ‘Remember To Look Up At The Stars And Not Down At Your Feet’?

Answer – Stephen Hawking

Question 3 – Google Is The Most Commonly Used Serach Engine Around The World. Who Created Google In 1998?

Answer – Larry Page And Sergey Brin

Question 4 – Did You Know That The Stomach Produces An Acid To Help Digestion. Which Acid Do The Stomach Acids Primarily Consist Of?

Answer – Hydrochloric Acid

Question 5 – What Is The Term Used For A Word Or Phrase Created By Rearranging The Letters Of Another Word Or Name Or Phrase?

Answer – Anagram

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